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Our Experience with ValWriting.com

ValWriting.com is a service whose writing makes a difference – this is what their website says. A shining ‘A+’ put right after the inspirational motto hints at a high-grade guarantee while a happily jumping customer promises you a great experience of using this service. In the course or our review we wanted to answer the question whether this service is reliable. Read it and find out if we managed to do it right.


Does the service offer a good price-to-quality ratio?

Probably, the first thing to be said is that ValWriting.com promises original and 100% content. They offer the following types of assignments: essay, bibliography, article, assignment, book report, case study, dissertation, coursework, research paper, math problem and many more. Along with package orders, it also provides individual services such as editing, proofreading, paraphrasing and formatting.

ValWriting.com also provides a range of resume writing services as well, namely it can write a cover letter, a CV, and a resume for you. The process of ordering a CV is not different from the regular ordering process.

It is very easy to find out what types of papers are available and how much they cost by using the Instant Quite calculator on the home page. To know what the price will be, specify the type of paper, its deadline, size and level, and the calculator will display the price in the currency of your choice.

As for the prices, we came to the conclusion that they are mostly average becoming high in only extreme cases (e.g. ordering a dissertation 5 days before the deadline).

The service offers 100% money-back, privacy protection and anti-plagiarism guarantee.

There are 11 various samples provided (we were impressed!), representing almost all the types of papers available. We evaluated their quality at 8 out of 10 and pointed out that there are no resume samples.

How fast do customers get their papers?

The terms of fulfillment do not differ from what is typically offered. You can get your essay in 3 hours if need be. Still, it is much better to place an order earlier, as in this case, you will have time to use their pleasant free revision feature and also save money.

Before you ask…no, urgency does not influence the quality of papers. We checked it ourselves and can say that if ValWriting.com accepts your order with a specified deadline, writers will finish it on time and without any quality damage.

Do customers get any support?

Support department of ValWriting.com is available by toll-free phone number, fax (a rare thing, but proves reliability of the service), an email and an online chat.

The company uses a widespread blogging practice and posts about different types of academic papers.

Support operators were pleasant enough to talk to and did not seem annoyed to explain what kind of services they provide and how. Also, we didn’t have to hang for a long time.

Our final evaluation is definitely positive. ValWriting.com is able to provide various kinds of academic papers plus resume services and does it quite fast. Their prices are not rocket high, but it is always better to order early. The website has different writing tips for those who do not intend to order a paper, which makes a really good impression. All in all, the service will be able to help with your papers in a short time and, in most cases, at an affordable price.